“I work alongside Rebel Rebel Fitness with clients who have rehabilitation needs. The team are very competent, professional and friendly. The clients have benefitted from their input in terms of their physical abilities as well as their confidence and well-being. I would highly recommend Rebel Rebel Fitness.”

Jane Turvey , Case Manager, Bush Corp and Coast Physiotherapy

Our Professional Services

We offer a full range of bespoke services to help your rehab code clients rebuild their strength and improve mobility after injury.

Enjoying a personal training session at Rebel Rebel
Licensed Physiopherapy at Rebel Rebel Fitness
Sports massage at Rebel rebel Fitness

Personal Training

One-to-one coaching and tailored programming to help your clients rebuild with our qualified coaches.

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Restore movement, strength, and function after injury with our onsite physiotherapist and physio assistants.

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Sports Massage

Improve recovery by increasing blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscles in our treatment room.

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Enjoying a personal training session at Rebel Rebel
GP Referral
Strength Coaching


Get back freedom of movement with assessment, diagnostic, and treatment for foot and ankle problems.

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GP Referal

Our personal trainers are able to accommodate referrals from your GP and health insurance provider.

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Strength Coaching

Straight forward coaching to help clients build strength and increase flexibility.

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Mike’s Story

In July 2019 I had a serious motorcycle accident causing multiple injuries, most noticeably in the pelvis and hip areas. I spent 10 weeks on the hospital trauma ward unable to stand and a further 12 weeks in a residential rehab unit learning to stand and begin re-learning to walk. On my return home in January 2020, Adrian joined my rehab support team. His in depth knowledge and skill base enabled working in close partnership with my case manager and Physiotherapist, from day one the focus has always been on returning to normal life by basing my sessions and activities on ‘real life’ movements and requirements. Specifically around my hobby of sailing which can have unique body movement & strength requirements.

Flexibility, adaptability and improvisation are very heavy focus points for Adrian, because of this, throughout all of the lockdowns we managed to continue my rehab with twice weekly sessions. Utilising Zoom, some joint ingenuity and limited equipment that I owned, Adrian still managed to create a diverse exercise plan that continued my muscle repair and development and continued my upward trajectory. The result of all of this is that I am able to continue doing everything that I did before the accident, in fact I am probably stronger now than I was before. I still see Adrian twice a week, however instead of working on rehab we now work on advanced personal training!

Sport England

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Adrian over recent months on a complex case with a client following a traumatic accident. I would not hesitate to use again and recommend his services in the future. He is a committed and very natural team-player, proficient with multidisciplinary liaison, and confident in both receiving from and providing guidance to colleagues. He works well under clinical direction and collaborates with energy, enthusiasm and creativity. His warm, inspired and motivational approach to clients is unequaled.”

Belinda Gibbs, Case Manager, NeuroHealth Case Management Services

Our Venue

Located in Polegate, East Sussex, our fitness suite has a fully equipped gym with bookable workout spaces, and a comfortable treatment room to help your clients recover.

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